Portraits of Illustartor Dave Cook

I made these portraits of my friend and awesome illustrator Dave Cook last weekend. He needed a few promo images as well as stuff for editorial content and his website idrawmonsters.com
He has a fun personality so we made sure not to keep the mood too serious and focus on shots that were fun and crazy. I think you can tell when we started listening to Sabbath at high volume.

Here are a few of my top choices, I'll add more as soon get a chance to finish the editing and retouching.

More portraits of artists

I'm adding some more portraits. This is a group of other artists that I have photographed through the years. I'm pretty stoked on these images. This definitely represents my current portrait aesthetic.

Frank Ockenfels 3

Bear - TA I met while working at the Maine Photographic Workshops in 2000

Steve Pomberg - One of may best friends for years! This guy is a madman artist and photographer.

Ian - Met this guy in Athens, GA in the 90's. He is a Illustrator that I traded copy work for portrait sessions. I lent him a slide tray and he never returned it. Bummer.

Don Graham - Photographer

Chris Clayton - Photographer I met while working at the Savannah College of Art and Design

Portraits from my Workshop in Mexico

Hey ya'll! I just got back from a portrait workshop in San Miguell de Allende, Mexico with Frank Ockenfels 3. The class was called "Looking Beyond the Obvious" and was focused on searching for a interesting moment with your subject and finding and/or creating light for the photograph. We were urged to experiment and try to find interesting and unconventional perspectives for our subjects. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

I'm adding some of my favorites here but you can click on this link to see a nifty slide show of many more. I met some great folks in Mexico, I hope we can keep in contact.

Aurora Franklin

Diego Laurenzi

Kevin Vu (our TA)

Oliver Tucker


Veronica (Sol's Mother)


Stephen Shore Inspired

Condiments composition inspired by my current favorite photographer Stephen Shore


Preak Out!

I saw The Preakness and the Selmenairs at the Sight 4 sore eyes benefit for Crystal Woods last night at the Earl. Crystal needs to have cornea replacement to the tune of $10,000 per eye. Yikes! She will be completely blind in less than a year if she doesn't get it. Hopefully they raised a few grand for her last night.

Anyway, here are some photos of The Preakness featuring my friend and photo assistant extraordinaire Tim Genius on drums. Brandon Arnold does guitar and vocals and Tracy Clark plays bass and vocals. Check them out at www.myspace.com/thepreakness to hear some of their music.

The Earl

Headshot Exchange

As a photographer, photographing yourself can be a narcissistic dream
or a self loathing nightmare. All of your imperfections are exposed
and it really makes it hard to know when a shot is good or not. Some
of us, photographers that is, are not as photogenic as the models we
work with. That's when photo friends can really help out. Myself and
photographers Brian Woodcock and Greg Dupree got together at my studio
yesterday for a headshot photo shoot exchange where we spent the day
making each others portraits.

This is one Brian took of me

Here are some shots I took of Greg

Here is one from me of Brian. I thinks Greg's shot of him are better


Got my lotto numbers!

Photos from Italy

Recent Photographs from my trip to Italy. Genoa, Cinque Terre, Florance, Rome and Tivoli.
More to come as I finish the processing. I'm ready for the next trip!

Pew Installtion in Tivoli

Florence Nights

Chillin with Gib!

Here we are are chillin right before bedtime. Gib rocks hard even when he is chilin!

We're dope!

First Post!

The Bar is OPEN!